services overview

Permanent makeup will not wash away. It is recommended to come in for a touch up every year. This will refresh the shape and color. The hold depends on each individual and their skin type.

I provide exceptional client care and safety is always first. My hand method allows for control and placement for a natural result. All material have been clinically proven to be safe. A&D ointment must be applied for safe and fast healing time.

Services List

Eyebrows - 450.00
Eyebrows enhance the natural shape of the face. This permanent makeup technique allows for a softer, more natural look. A shape and color will be custom formulated to fit your skin type. This technique allows for a smudge free lifestyle with no need of applying eyebrow pencil. Topical ointment is applied for comfort.

(Upper/lower) Eyeliner - 500.00
Choose from a thin eyeliner or a thick eyeliner for a more dramatic result. This will allows your eyelashes to look longer and fuller. People with allergies and or sensitive skin would be great candidates for this painless procedure. The eyes are completely closed and a topical numbing ointment is applied to maintain comfort.

Full Lip Color - 575.00
choose from a natural lip color to custom formulate your favorite lipstick to your appointment so we can match what best fits your skin type. Topical numbing cream is applied for comfort.

Corrective Work - Priced Hourly
Touchups - $75.00

Teeth Whitening - $199

Eyelash extentions - 100% human hairs

First Set - $160
Fills - $60